My Lagos Blood Story
Creative Content Competition

Help Save Lives by Sharing Your Inspiring Blood Story Through Creative Content
1st prize of $500!
2nd prize of $300
3rd prize of $200
Plus special commendation prizes of $100

Competition 1

Every year, Nigeria needs 2 million units of blood from voluntary donors for medical purposes. This is to save the lives of women who lose blood whilst giving birth, road traffic accident victims, patients having surgery and people with sickle cell disease or cancer.

To help encourage more Nigerians to become blood donors, Action on Blood, a Lagos-based voluntary blood donor organisation, has partnered with Global Blood Fund (GBF), a US-based blood charity, to run a competition for people to share their stories of how voluntary blood donation has touched their lives.   If you are a voluntary donor, you or someone you love has received blood, or your work involves supporting the giving or receiving of volunteer blood, then you could win up to $500 for sharing your interesting or inspiring story.

We are looking for short content - videos, stories, animations, speeches, poems, interviews, songs - that can be published on our website and via our social media channels.  Whatever you chose to do, be creative, be innovative and be engaging. And with several prizes on offer, you could be up to $500 richer!

Competition closes midnight on 31 MAY, 2024, with winners announced on Work Blood Donor Day, June 14th.

Key Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Your story must be based on real events (i.e. not a work of fiction).
  2. Your content must relate to Lagos State, Nigeria, or you must live, study or work in Lagos.
  3. As the entrant, YOU must have
    • received blood - or had a loved one receive blood - that was donated voluntarily;
    • donated blood voluntarily; or
    • supported the giving or receiving of voluntary blood as part of your job, charitable work or volunteering at the time of the story.
  4. For the purposes of this competition, creative content includes short video clips, animations, poetry recitals, music videos, songs, audio stories, podcasts and interviews; short stories, speeches, poems and song lyrics and images with or without words.  This list is not exhaustive and more than one medium can be used.  You are encouraged to be as creative and innovative as possible.
  5. Content can be in English, pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or any other language or dialect spoken in Nigeria.  Please note that if your content is not in English, it MUST have English subtitles so that it can be shared to wider audiences, internationally.
  6. All content must be your own work. 
  7. Ensure that your use of any image, photo, audio, font, logo etc. is free from copyright infringement.  These assets are usually subject to the laws of copyright and intellectual property. Before using a copyrighted asset you must determine if you have permission to do so.  There are a range of online sites that contain copyright free images and or audio that you can use and integrate into your content.
  8. By entering, you agree that Action On Blood and Global Blood Fund (GBF) can use your submission (story and content) as we see fit, whether or not you win a prize. 
Competition 6

For the full list of rules and guidelines click here:

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